• so you think you know the bible
  • So You Think You Know the Bible
  • So You Think You Know the Bible
  • So You Think You Know the Bible
  • So You Think You Know the Bible

    So You Think You Know the Bible

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    Compete and test your Bible knowledge with this fun and engaging Christian trivia game.
    • Play with as many teams as you'd like - perfect for families, friends or even larger church groups. (2+ Players)
    • Includes a variety of engaging trivia categories and action cards that keeps the game exciting.
    • With 300 cards and over 500 questions, you can replay again and again.
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    How to play

    Split up into as many teams as you'd like. Take turns answering trivia questions for points - first team to 20 points wins!

    The deck contains Trivia and Action cards. Follow the rules below based on the card type drawn:

    TRIVIA CARDS: Your team will be read the Trivia category before deciding whether to answer the EASY question for 1 point or the HARD question for 2. Once decided, that question will be read out loud for your team to answer.

    ACTION CARDS: If the team to your right draws an Action card, they get to keep it and then draws another card for your team to answer. Action cards can be used during the game to gain an advantage.

    Frequently asked questions

    What version of the Bible is this game based off of? The game is based on the King James Version of the Bible.

    Would this game be too hard for someone with limited knowledge of the Bible? Even with limited knowledge of the Bible, the game is designed to be fun! You have a choice between easy and hard questions and the answers are there to help people with less knowledge of the Bible to learn as they play.

    How many people can play this? The game is designed to be played by 2 or more players. With larger groups of people, you can break off into teams to keep the pace of the game quicker.

    How long does each game take? Each game usually lasts between 30 to 90 minutes, depending on how many people are playing and how fast the pace is.

    How many cards and questions are there? There are 300 cards with over 500 questions.

    What’s the youngest age that can play this game? We recommend an age of at least 10 years old, but of course, even younger children who have knowledge of the Bible can play the game!

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