• who knows more? kids or adults
  • Who Knows More? Kids or Adults
  • Who Knows More? Kids or Adults
  • Who Knows More? Kids or Adults
  • Who Knows More? Kids or Adults
  • Who Knows More? Kids or Adults

    Who Knows More? Kids or Adults

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    The ultimate kids versus adults trivia game! Split up into opposing teams for a battle of the brains in this fun and simple trivia game.
    • Super easy to play! Collect points as you take turns answering fun trivia questions. First team to 20 points wins!
    • Fun topics for everyone - from history to pop culture, science, random facts and more!
    • Great for family game night! This is the perfect trivia game for kids 8+, teens and adults.
    • Money-back guarantee
    • Super-fast shipping
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    How to play

    Split up kids and adults into opposing teams. Place the "Trivia for Kids" deck and "Trivia for Adults" deck separately on the table.

    The kids team will start first. On your team's turn, the opposing team will draw and read the card for your team to answer. There are two type of cards:

    TRIVIA CARDS: Each card has 3 questions. The opposing team will read each question for your team to answer. Each correct answer will earn your team 1 point, for a maximum of 3 points per turn.

    THINK FAST CARDS: Your team will have 10 seconds to complete the challenge on the card. After reading the instructions on the card, the opposing team will say the challenge word and start the timer. Earn 4 points if your team can successfully complete the challenge.

    First team to collect 20 points wins!

    Frequently asked questions

    How many questions are in the box? There are approximately 600 questions in the box. Roughly 300 for adults and 300 for kids.

    What’s the youngest age that can play this game? We recommend a minimum age of 8 years old.

    How long does each game take? It can take between 30-60 minutes per game.

    How many people can play the game? We recommend this game to be played with 2 or more players (at least 1 adult and 1 child).

    What if we have an odd number of adults and kids? You can definitely still play with an odd number of adults vs kids, although the group with the extra person may have a slight advantage since they have another person helping to answer trivia questions.