• do you even know math
  • Do You Even Know Math?
  • Do You Even Know Math?
  • Do You Even Know Math?
  • Do You Even Know Math?
  • Do You Even Know Math?

    Do You Even Know Math?

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    This fast-paced math game helps to sharpen mental math skills through an action-packed gameplay that both kids and adults will love
    • Praised by teachers for making math fun in both the classroom and home.
    • Unique action cards can quicky change the game, adding another level of excitement.
    • The perfect STEM game to play with kids, teens and adults.
    • Money-back guarantee
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    How to play

    Set up: Deal 15 card decks to each player and lay 5 cards face up in the middle of the table, this will be The Field. 

    How to play: Players can only hold up to 5 cards from their deck at any time. You can use any of the 5 cards in your hand to build an equation that equals any of the number cards in The Field by using addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division.

    Once a player comes up with an equation, they must quickly place the cards down over the number in The Field, creating a new number to be used. That player then draws cards from their deck to hold 5 cards again. Continue getting rid of the cards in your deck by building equations. First player to get down to 1 or no cards wins!

    There are 2 card types in the deck:

    NUMBER CARDS: Use these cards to build equations
    ACTION CARDS: Use these cards to help yourself or give another player a tougher time. Anyone can play an Action Card at any time!

    Frequently asked questions

    What’s the youngest age that can play this game? The game was designed for a recommended minimum age of 8 years old.

    How many people can play this? The game is designed to be played by 2 to 6 players.

    How long does each game take? Each game can take between 5 to 20 minutes to play.

    How many cards are there? There are 130 cards, including number cards to build equations and fun action cards that can change the dynamic of the game!

    Are there any complicated math equations or questions? The game is designed to be played with by people of all different math skill levels! You can build equations with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - so even younger kids who are just starting to learn addition and subtraction will be able to play.